Hire Robyn

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Robin Williams

I love words. I enjoy helping people find the right ones to use. When you feel frustrated about how to convey a message, I feel your pain. I want to work with you to preserve your voice and create a clear message. Need content for your blog? I can do that, too.

If you can dream, I can run alongside of you and help you create.

I come from a legacy of writers, musicians, preachers, speakers, and artists. I am a child of creativity. Let me help you craft your message, provide editorial support, write your blog, and publish your book.

Ready … set … collaborate … WIN.


  • Blogging
  • Ghostwriting
  • Corporate communication
  • Resume updates


  • Blog editing
  • Book editing
  • Website content editing
  • Resume editing


  • Self publishing guidance
  • Hands-on support
  • Writing outlines


Inspirational writing – Where is your olive oil? Heartlight, Blog Writer

Arts and Entertainment writing – Baltimore’s Multi-cultural Playground, The Baltimore Sun, Features Writer

Personal finance writing – How to save money by negotiating your bills, Wealthy Single Mommy, Blog Writer

Lifestyle writing – Online therapy vs. face-to-face — which is better?, Wealthy Single Mommy, Blog Writer

Health and wellness writing – How to start working out when you are out of shape, Hello Butterfly Sister, Blog Writer

Personal finance writing – 57 business tools for work-at-home moms, Wealthy Single Mommy, Blog Writer

Publishing – One Hope at a Time: The Prisoner of Hope Letters, Book One, Two and Three, Author

Publishing – 50 Posts and a Piece of Toast, Editor/Publishing Support

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“My emphasis was on writing the best book I could for all my readers to enjoy. I’m grateful that Robyn Evans bought her professionalism to helping me achieve that. Her attention to detail allowed my book to flow smoothly, engaging the reader as each page turns. I’m thankful for her knowledge of the formatting process. Her ability to edit made the experience less daunting. The end results are priceless. She’s a true professional, eager to work out all the details in order for you to achieve success with your book.”

Rodney Johnson, Author

“I have requested Robyn’s writing services for two years now and each project has been completed on time and with outstanding results. She always asks the right questions and gets a complete understanding of the project. Her commitment to meeting deadlines, professionalism, and passion to help others are the reasons I continue to use her services. I’m a very satisfied customer.”

Patricia Harris, Youth Writers Challenge

“I have had the pleasure of working with Robyn over the last 7 years and would recommend her to any organization in need of an excellent and exceptional writer! Robyn is one of the most talented writers I ever worked with in my professional career. What sets her apart from other writers is that Robyn takes pride in her work and produces a quality product! Her writing ability and technical skills, attention to detail coupled by immediate availability and strong work ethic – would make her an asset to any organization.”

Anna Kuzminova, Operations Manager, HHS Tech Group

Who I am.

I was born to write. I have been writing since before I could hold a pencil. My mother told me so. She said I’ve been singing since the crib and writing since preschool. I tend to believe her. I certainly remember riding along with mom in her red, ’78 Monte Carlo thinking up poems abut whatever I saw through its windows. I always excelled in writing. Math? Not so much. My grandfather said I only needed three things in life: the 23rd Psalm, a file cabinet of receipts and an ability to count my money.

So far, so good.

What I believe.

I believe in serving others to the best of my ability. I believe in doing more than what is expected. I believe in finding new ways to support my clients. I believe in integrity and being a person of my word. I support projects I believe in.

Who I serve.

You. I want to understand your vision and partner with you to bring it to life. When you make a choice to work with me, you’ve just hired one of your greatest fans. My joy comes from seeing you win.

Let’s create something together.